Long considered one of the main ingredients to healthy living, massage in the Ayurvedic tradition maintains suppleness of the body within and without while aligning the mind with deeper states of being and nourishing us on all levels.

Full-body Massage

Working on the whole body, front and back, this massage relaxes the muscles and tissues of the body while opening the energy lines or nadis, to create a smooth, connected flow of energy throughout the whole system. Working on individual parts of the body and the body as a whole it soothes and revitalizes the mind, body and senses. 

Duration 1 – 1½ hrs

Back marmas

Marma Massage

This treatment focuses on the energy points (as used in acupuncture) to release any blockages and bring renewed life-force into parts of the body. The marmas are junctions or meeting points of the five organic principles: muscles, vessels, ligaments, bones and joints. They form the seats of energy or points where energy can easily enter and leave the body and offer special pathways to affect specific organs, tissues and doshas. This massage works physically on the deeper currents of energy in the body restoring a deep sense of well-being. 

It is a whole body treatment where the marma sites and channels connecting them are opened and warmed up through oil massage and then worked on specifically to release and energise.

Duration 1½ – 2 hrs

Basti Treatment

Basti means bladder or something that holds, and in this therapy warmed oils are used to penetrate deeply into the body by using a dam made of dough to hold the well of oil in place. This allows the oil to nourish and strengthen the associated muscles, nerves and bones in a particular area in a way not normally achieved through massage. It has very profound effects.

Kati basti*

Kati Basti: Lower Back Treatment.

Good for: Lower back aches and pains, sciatica, nerve related conditions, paralysis of lower regions of the body.

Greeva Basti: Around the area or the neck/ between the shoulder blades.

Good for: Cervical nerve conditions, stress related 

conditions, blocked energy between shoulder blades, upper back aches and pains.

Hridaya Basti: Around the heart marma point.

Good for: Extreme vata ailments, palpitations, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, respiratory ailments like asthma/ wheezing.

Janu Basti: Around the knee area

Good for: Ostheoaarthritis, osteoporosis, chronic joint ailments.

Nabhi Basti: Around navel region

Chakra Basti: Around each chakra of the body

The treatment starts with a localised massage to prepare the particular area for the Basti, and during the treatment continually warmed oil is applied to the area.

Duration 1 hr

Abdominal Massage

A place not normally given much attention but in Ayurveda, the abdomen, and the navel in particular, it is seen as the home of the digestive fire, Agni. It is understood that when this is in balance, no disease may arise. This massage stimulates and regulates Agni and works directly on the organs of digestion, helping support a healthy life both physically and emotionally.

Duration 1 hr

Third eye

Head, Face and Neck Treatments

Ayurveda gives importance to this part of the body as it is the entry point for air, food and water. It is the seat of the 5 senses and how we are in contact with the outer world –  it is believed in Ayurveda that if the sense organs are healthy then one can live a happy, long life. Many marmas (energy points) are found in the head and neck region that have a powerful affect on the rest of the body system. 

Ayurvedic Non-surgical Face-lift Treatment

This massage helps calm the mind, relaxes the muscles of the face, revitalises the sense organs and helps regenerate healthy skin, bestowing serenity and glow.

Duration 1 hr

Head Massage

An intensely relaxing treatment that helps restore the flow of blood and lymph in the head, increasing circulation and clearing blockages, it has a deep effect on the mind and soul.

Duration 1 hr

Ear Treatment

In this localized massage, steaming therapy and special warm oils are applied to the ear to help balance the entire system and help clear many symptoms related to the head. Particularly good for balancing excess Vata.

Duration 1 hr

Nose and Sinuses

Medicated oil is placed in the nostrils where it enters deeply into the system and helps cure and prevent a wide range of complaints as well as improving the quality of the sense organs.

Duration 1 hr

Eye Bathing

This very special treatment helps improve eyesight, nourishes the brain and cranial nerves, bringing clarity of mind and vision and affecting the whole body. It is a type of Basti Treatment where after local massage a crescent of dough is placed around the eye region into which warmed ghee is carefully poured. Associated marma points are massaged while the eyes are bathed. It is highly recommended for Pitta people.

Duration 1 hr

Or treatment can be focused on Back/ Foot/ Hand Massage, or area requires treatment.

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