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At the core of Mark’s work is shamanic healing practice. With the solid underpinning of long-term dietary health, bodywork and herbal support, Mark works on the deeper root of our soul’s expression. In shamanic healing we look at what one’s spirit is ready to embody. This depends on the qualities we are integrating on our path or on the blockages that hinder us. Finding the source of these blockages or re-membering the qualities we seek can involve different facets of our make-up, some of which are the following.



Ancestral Healing

Removing dysfunctional patterns – Reclaiming positive resources

Dysfunctional ancestral patterns will continue until they are solved. Something that was once very helpful may now be redundant and may actually be a hindrance. There is a greater picture at play here, and notions like curses lasting seven generations are another way of saying the same thing. They can manifest as physical symptoms, abuse, addictions and family karma. In this sense the ‘problem’ is not ours but we are carrying it.


Our ancestors, very much alive and available on the other side, often need to be appeased, or have explained that something needs to change. For us, and for the children.

Resources available to us in our ancestry that are not being used can also be restored to our lineage.


Soul Retrieval

Sometimes there is sadness or blockage that no amount of healing can shift, one feels off for no apparent reason, or destructive patterns are repeated over and over. Trauma understood from a shamanic viewpoint has a profound effect on our soul. We are all familiar with the flight or fight response. There is another response in the natural world which is to play dead. It is used if one cannot flee the situation at hand. If one is in a situation that is too much to bear, while we freeze, a part of our soul flees. It is a survival mechanism by which the greater part may continue to live. In so doing we numb ourself to that incident or to incidents like it so that we can get by without too much damage being inflicted. This leads to feelings of not fully being here, feeling unable to move forward in life, feeling like something’s missing, addictive behaviours and relationships, loss of life force, feeling the world is no longer safe to name just a few.


Shamanic healing can meet this part of ourself which exists somewhere outside of ourselves and bring it back to the circle. We experience more joy, sense of wholeness, increased personal power, self-esteem, clarity, purpose, direction, healing of physical injury and illness, positive state of consciousness, presence, being in the body, increased energy, feel lighter, bigger, have awakened senses, are connected, are able to see the beauty, to use our talents, have trust, hope, positive outlook, self-respect, gratitude.


Firstly people need to be ready for this. When a part of our soul comes back with it comes the responsibility to feel everything – the joy as well as the pain. Sometimes people need to prepare themselves for this.


Spirit Guide Contact

Establishing connection with –

   Archetypal Animal Spirit Guides and the qualities they can help us embody,

   Spirits that love and care for you, making tangible the support and care that is available to us from beyond.


Entity Removal and Cleansing

Removal of energies that, though they may have had a role to play, are now better some place else.


Cutting Cords

Cutting the energetic cord, found at the solar plexus, that connects us to people or situations of our past that we are ready to move on from.


Etheric Body Cleansing

Illness can be present in the etheric body prior to it manifesting in the physical. Removing it’s build up here helps us feel much lighter in body and clearer in mind and heart as well as be free of unwanted energies.


Healing the Auric Field

The Auric field contains our imprints of the past from recently through to previous incarnations and the karma we carry. Clearing and smoothing out the layers here lets one feel a deep sense of peace and helps us have access to our potential and accrued higher resources.


Energy Centre Rebalancing

Reconnecting our energy centres with our higher self and helping them function in an optimal way and in balance with each other.



Health in Western Medicine is the absence of illness but in the Shamanic Tradition the measure of health is much higher, involving vitality, trust, a sense of purpose, and being excited about the day in the morning, to name a few. It is a spiritual tradition that is grounded in reality as understood for millennia and about the joy and gratitude of being here.



ears of wheat



House Clearing

Our homes or work places can house other energies or spirits due to previous events, a build up or certain energies that attract like spirits or due to geo-pathic stress. Clearing spaces from any stuck or residual energies that are having a negative impact, or leaving one feeling uneasy and releasing them to a better place can be what is needed to make the change. It is also good to do regularly as a form of ‘energetic’ Spring-cleaning.



Mark also runs workshops where people have the opportunity to journey themselves, and make allies in the spirit world for healing and support. Previous themes are:


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