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Long considered one of the main ingredients to healthy living, massage in the Ayurvedic tradition helps maintain the health of the body within and without whilst re-harmonising our current state with our optimum expression. We nourish the soul with this touch and re-member ourselves in an intimate world. When our spirit is recognised, our own healing begins, as we come home.


Full-body Massage

Working on the whole body, front and back, this massage relaxes the muscles and tissues of the body whilst opening the energy lines or nadis, to create a smooth, connected flow of energy throughout the whole system. Working on individual parts of the body and the body as a whole it soothes and revitalises the mind, body and senses.

Duration 1 or 2 hrs


Back marmasMarma Massage

This treatment focuses on the energy points (as used in acupuncture) to release any blockages and bring renewed life-force into parts of the body. The marmas are junctions or meeting points of the five organic principles: muscles, vessels, ligaments, bones and joints. They form the seats of energy or points where energy can easily enter and leave the body and offer special pathways to affect specific organs, tissues and doshas. This massage works physically on the deeper currents of energy in the body restoring a deep sense of well- being.

It is a whole body treatment where the marma sites and channels connecting them are opened and warmed up through oil massage and then worked on individually to release and energise.

Duration 2 hrs



Back Massage

A massage that works on the whole back and spine, Back massagerevitalising the muscles while giving attention to the marmas, or energy points, to free deeper blockages.

Duration 1 hr


Hand Massage

A simple treatment that relaxes and nourishes the part of our body used so often, it soothes away many worries and is useful when whole body massage is not possible.

Duration 1hr


Foot Massage

A very relaxing treatment good for tired feet and legs that also works on the entire system through the energy points and nerves located in the feet.

Duration 1 hr



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