Having a Healthy Summer – Part 3




Welcome to the last article of the Summer series. We’ll look at some simple herbs to help balance excess pitta.


Herbs can be understood as special foods. They can be used both as broad-spectrum or specific healing allies and easily woven into our lifestyle. Often in Ayurveda we suggest taking them as powder in a little water, but herbs can also be taken as tincture, strong tea, or added to soups. In treating high pitta, herbs are usually taken mid-meal to help with the assimilation of nutrients. But taking them anytime is better than not at all!





One of the best herbs for pain and inflammation. It reduces tension in the head due to high pitta, easing irritability, low self-esteem and anxiety. It soothes the digestive tract helping relieve pain in the gut, urinary and reproductive tracts, and has a relaxing effect on muscle tissue.

It helps balance high pitta in the stomach, easing heartburn and acidity, and is also used to treat inflammatory eye conditions. Helps induce sleep so very good to have a cup of tea in the evenings.




A great rejuvenative and brain tonic for everyone. It benefits our memory and eyesight and soothes anger and low spirits. Excellent for cooling inflammatory conditions such as peptic ulcers, gastritis, diarrhoea. Removes toxicity, regulates weight and decreases signs of ageing.

Good for bleeding problems, inflammatory skin problems such as herpes, measles, chicken pox. Helps prevent colds and coughs. Is very good at helping sooth menstrual and menopausal symptoms and heavy and irregular periods. Is also an aphrodisiac.






Beautifully smelling, mint clears the head and refreshes the spirits. It is good for all three doshas, warming and pungent it dries excess kapha; sweet and cooling reduces pitta; mildly pungent effect calms vata. Used to ease pain, it also relieves nausea, vomiting, spasm and flatulence.
It also removes blockages to the flow of prana in the mind and body. Clears excess phlegm and congestion from the lungs, nose and throat. Eases menstrual congestion.





Wonderful brain tonic herb. Helps meditation, calms mental agitation, rejuvenative for brain and nerve tissue, relieving vata disorders, improves brain function, learning capacity, concentration and memory.

Used in a lot of cases of anxiety, insomnia, agitation and mental illness. Increases resilience to stress, exhaustion. Helps remove heavy metals. Good for IBS and skin problems and used for coughs, colds, cystitis.





An excellent detoxifying herb. It clears inflammatory skin problems and protects the liver from damage of toxins, drugs, viruses. Used to prevent infections, reduce fevers and superb at prevention/ treatment of malaria.

Cools heat in the mind, irritability, anger, depression. Purifies the blood. Reduces cholesterol and blood pressure as well as blood sugar. Helps regulate the heart.





Superb nourishing tonic. One of the most important rejuvenatives for women. Cooling and moistening, used for dry and inflammatory conditions. Balances hormones, increases fertility, relieves menstrual/ menopausal problems, increases milk supply.

Brain tonic – calms anxiety, increases clarity, memory and resilience to stress. Relieves inflammatory digestive condition such as peptic ulcers, acidity, diarrhoea. Soothes cystitis and reduces oedema. Enhances immunity, growth and resilience to infection. Good for use in recovery from illness.





 Wishing you all an enjoyable Summer!