Dry Skin Brushing

dry skin brushes


Dry Skin Brushing is a type of dry massage that helps gently cleanse and energise our body.

It’s an easy practice that can take five minutes but goes a long way to increasing and maintaining our health. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and is said by some to get rid of a third of our toxins!

In particular it is a great remedy for balancing kapha, responsible for congestion, mucus, extra fat, which is prevalent at this winter and early spring time of year.



  • Exfoliates our skin, removing dead cells and helping regenerate healthy new cells. It also helps clean pores of old oil, dirt and residue, while stimulating our sebaceous glands to create natural suppleness and lustre of our skin.

  • Helps our body to detoxify naturally by stimulating our lymphatic system. Much like our circulatory system, we have a similar network of lymphatic channels that remove metabolic waste and toxins from our cells taking them back to our blood to be passed out of our body.

  • Stimulates our circulation by working on the connective tissue that houses our capillaries just under our skin.

  • Speeds up our cellular metabolism helping to burn off toxins, fatty deposits and cellulite.

  • Improves muscle tone, and functioning of our nerve tissue under our skin.


Dry-Skin-Brushing-with bobbles





Use a natural brush that can be found in most good health-food stores or online. Some can have bobbles on the back too. If you have one of these then after you have dry skin-brushed do the same again with the bobbles. It works deeper on the skin and tissues helping detoxify and stimulate further. You can also use a soft sponge or natural silk gloves.


Don’t brush too hard, start gently and find your own groove. Always work towards your heart starting at your feet. Apply long strokes on your limbs and circular strokes on your joints. Be gentler on softer places like your abdomen, armpits etc. A few strokes per area works well. Some people even have a softer brush for their face.


Then if you like, or if you have time, you can apply some cold-pressed, organic oil to your body and let it soak in for a little while before having a shower, or just hop straight in the shower! If you have inflamed or dry skin skip the dry skin brushing and go for a nourishing oil massage instead.



This simple practice done daily or every few days goes a long way to helping us maintain and improve our health, rejuvenate our bodies and feel energised!