Kicharee Cleanse

 herbs and spice*


Ama is the undigested metabolic food residue in the body which circulates as toxins. It is understood as the root of all disease in Ayurveda. It is seen as a physical sludge as well as a psychosomatic sludge that pollutes the mind. When our digestive fire, agni, is strong, ama is low. Much like a see-saw, the lower the agni, the greater the ama. There is a connection between the strength of our aura and the strength of our agni.


pestle mortar spicesIn strengthening our digestive fire through the use of appropriate spices, not snacking, regular cleansing, eating appropriate foods and food combining we have more capacity to clean ourselves of toxicity as well as properly digest the food we are taking at present. Cleansing through simple diet or fasting is a great way to purify and increase our agni.


Fasting can be quite strenuous and is not for everyone and people will have tremendous results following a mono-diet cleanse for a number of days. This type of cleansing supports the body, it is detoxifying without being destabilising. It is a middle-path cleanse that uses nourishing, life-giving foods, herbs, self-care and appropriate activities to rejuvenate rather than strip-down. And with amazing results!



Kicharee is tri-doshic, it balances all the doshas, strengthens the agni, and is an all-round cleansing meal. Kicharee/ kitchari means mixture and is usually a mixture of a grain and a legume. Cooking them together off-sets the negative food-combining aspects. This recipe is one of the best for being easily digestible and particularly nourishing.

50g mung beans

100g basmati rice

ghee/ oil

2.5cm fresh ginger root, finely grated

1tsp cumin seeds

1tsp mustard seeds

1/4tsp turmeric powder

1/4tsp coriander powder

pinch asafoetida powder

seasonal vegetables

rock salt

fresh coriander

750ml-1l water

Soak mung beans for 8hrs. Wash mung beans and rice. Heat ghee/oil in pan and on low heat fry ginger, cumin and mustard seeds. Add mung beans and rice and add water in ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 and turn up heat. Bring to boil and gently simmer for 20 mins. Add turmeric, coriander and asafoetida powder. Add seasonal vegetables and simmer/cook for further 10/20 mins.

Serve with teaspoon of ghee/ hempseed oil, salt and fresh coriander.





A cleanse of a few days at this transitional time has very deep and rejuvenating effects. During the cleanse eat a mono-diet of kicharee and though out the day drink ginger, lemon, aniseed, fennel, cardamon teas and lots of warm water. Also take triphala at night. Following a seasonal daily regime, as outlined in some of the Season articles, will really help in creating a ‘container’ in which to transition through this cleanse. Follow what is easy to integrate and enjoyable.

In stopping to over-tax body we also have a great opportunity to stop over-taxing the mind. It can happen quite spontaneously and can be encouraged through simple activities in our day, meditation, rest and relaxation. By interrupting our normal patterns we are given a chance to be more with ourself, to reconnect deeply – a gateway into the Great Mystery.


Finish the cleanse slowly and introduce yourself back softly. Create a small ceremony, giving thanks for what you are/ have in your life and setting your intention/ asking for what you want to embody. Feel connected to the divinity/love/mystery that we are a part of.



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