Head, Face and Neck Treatments



Ayurveda gives importance to this part of the body as it is the entry point for air, food and water. It is the seat of the five senses and how we are in contact with the outer world – it is believed in Ayurveda that if the sense organs are healthy then one can live a happy, long life. Many marmas (energy points) are found in the head and neck region that have a powerful affect on the rest of the body system. These treatments are also part of the tailored treatment packages.


Ayurvedic Non-surgical Facelift Treatment

This treatment works wonders, helping calm the mind, relax the muscles of the face, revitalise the sense organs and regenerate healthy skin. It bestows serenity and glow.

Duration 1 hr


Sacred ambience*Head Massage

Similar to the famous Indian Head Massage, this is an intensely relaxing treatment that helps restore the flow of blood and lymph in the head, increase circulation and clear blockages while having a deep effect on the mind and soul.

Duration 1 hr


Ear Treatment

In this localised massage, steaming therapy and special warm oils are applied to the ear to help balance the entire system and help clear many symptoms related to the head. Particularly good for balancing excess Vata.

Duration 1 hr



Nose and Sinus Cleansing

Medicated oil is placed in the nostrils where it enters deeply into the system and helps cure and prevent a wide range of complaints as well as improving the quality of the sense organs.

Duration 1 hr


Eye Bathing

This very special treatment helps improve eyesight, nourishes the brain and cranial nerves, bringing clarity of mind and vision and affecting the whole body. It is a type of Basti Treatment where after local massage a crescent of dough is placed around the eye region into which warmed ghee is carefully poured. Associated energy points are massaged while the eyes bathe and receive this incredible treatment. It is highly recommended for people of a Pitta constitution.

Duration 1 hr



Prepared herbs*



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