Ayurvedic Consultation


In consultation we look at one’s current state of health and find the best way to regain optimum health. This is different for each person as we are all unique. Ayurveda understands that we are born with a particular constitution and that through the effects of our environment, thoughts, emotions, diet, age and karma our constitution changes day to day. The purpose of treatment is to bring our current constitution into alignment with our original one. When we are living closer to our true self we feel more rounded, centred, easier and happier.


This is the purpose of Ayurveda, known as the ‘Science of Life’ or the ‘Science of Longevity’ – to promote a healthy life so that we are able to fulfil our duties and pursue our higher aspirations. Good health is the foundation to life. By good health we mean not simply the absence of disease but a state in which we are engaged in life, living to our full capacity, thriving and dancing with the deep richness of Life. This is our potential and choice.


We will assess your health history and family medical history as well as any current issues. Tongue and Pulse diagnosis are also used in Ayurveda to get a clear picture of the underlying state of health. Here we diagnose the appropriate herbal treatment as well as the correct diet, exercise, lifestyle, yoga and pranayama. Those having a consultation for the first time the session lasts one hour with follow ups being half an hour. 



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