Body Treatments



Body treatments focus on particular aspects of the body as gateways to re-establish our natural balance. The deep-reaching effects of Basti treatment nourish and sooth, while the use of herbal powders on the skin or in poultices renews and invigorates. Treatments give us a chance to make profound ground in a certain direction and offers thorough benefits to our health.


Basti Treatment

Basti means bladder or something that holds, and in this therapy warmed oils are used to penetrate deeply into the body by using a dam made of dough to hold a well of oil in place. This allows the oil to nourish and strengthen the associated muscles, nerves and bones in a particular area in a way not normally achieved through massage.


Kati basti*

     Kati Basti: Lower Back Treatment.

     Good for: Lower back aches and pains, sciatica, nerve related                          conditions, paralysis of lower regions of the body.

     Greeva Basti: Around the area or the neck/ between the shoulder                blades.

     Good for: Cervical nerve conditions, stress related conditions, blocked        energy between shoulder blades, upper back aches and pains.

     Hridaya Basti: Around the heart marma point.

     Good for: Extreme vata ailments, palpitations, chronic fatigue                        syndrome, multiple sclerosis, respiratory ailments like asthma/                    wheezing.

     Janu Basti: Around the knee area

     Good for: Ostheoaarthritis, osteoporosis, chronic joint ailments.

     Nabhi Basti: Around navel region

     Chakra Basti: Around each chakra of the body


The treatment starts with a localised massage and steaming to prepare the particular area for the Basti, and during the treatment continually warmed oil is applied to the area while the associated energy points are massaged.

Duration 1 hr

Mukhaudvartana*Herbal Powder Massage

In this treatment oil is applied to the body and then a herbal powder is used to massage the body to help remove toxins, clean the skin and enhance circulation. It works specifically on getting rid of ama, or toxins, which is seen as the root of all disease in Ayurveda. The herbs used cleanse, nourish and revitalize the body.

Duration 1 hr



Abdominal Massage

A place not normally given much attention Bolus treatment*but in Ayurveda, the abdomen, and the navel in particular, it is seen as the home of the digestive fire, Agni. It is understood that when this is in balance, no disease may arise. This massage stimulates and regulates Agni and works directly on the organs of digestion, helping support a healthy life both physically and emotionally.

Duration 1 hr

Herbal Bolus Steaming

In this treatment herbal boluses are applied to the body to massage and steam the body, removing toxins and blockages. Being massaged and manipulated thus, it is a thorough cleansing treatment.

Duration 2 hrs




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