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“Mark has a wealth of knowledge on how to restore balance and harmony through nutrition and bodywork. I went to see him with some health issues which have greatly improved since. The treatments I have received have been so deeply nourishing and soothing, as well as energising and uplifting. It feels like each treatment has gone deeper than the last, and I know that given time I will be well again, in mind, body and spirit! I would highly recommend him to anyone!”

Candida Corcoran, Painter


“I have been searching for a proper Ayurvedic doctor in the West Country for years! Marks obviously extensive embedded knowledge adds the perfect ingredient to his talented hands-on body work for long term improvements and care. Deeply nourishing and rejuvenating various treatments, I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.”

Nikki Berridge, Natural Health Practitioner for 15 plus years


“The kindness and care and availability in Mark’s eyes and face allow me to feel safe and invite me to share and be myself. His touch is reassuring and careful. And his joy bubbles never very far under the surface. I think Mark’s attention and presence allow an ear that is very rare in this world and an absolute treat to be around.”

Benjamin Love, Craniosacral Practitioner


“Mark is a great listener and has a charming ability to allow his client to reveal all!

Annie Ross, Radio Presenter


“What I like about Mark is his spark and enthusiasm for life – it’s refreshing and contagious, his sincerity and interest in others, and his kindness and gentleness – such a lovely softness balanced with strength.

I love his authenticity – he feels very present when I’m with him and I love that! I love his sense of humor and his willingness to have a laugh and have fun! I think he’s great!”

Shumbi Love, Owner & Managing Director of Health Store


“Mark works with an incredibly intuitive touch. I felt safe and held in each moment trusting in his ability to listen and understand to my body’s needs. His wealth of knowledge and experience is evident, and I love how he brings together all his different leaning to a session to fit what is needed at the moment.”

Amy Behrens-Clarke, Photographer


“Mark needs to come with a health warning! You won’t be able to stand up after!”

Candida Corcoran, Painter


“I’ve received two treatments from Mark. The first, a full body massage, was one of the most deeply relaxing and enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had! Mark has a real gift for intuitive touch…he just seemed to know how to lead me deeper into my own body and into surrender to a sense of real peace… it was like my mind had melted. Every small movement had the sweet quality of presence, mindfulness and great care, which made me feel very nurtured. The second was a basti treatment on my sacrum. This was also deeply relaxing and enjoyable, and very grounding. I had recently had surgery, and it was the perfect way to fully reconnect with my body. I felt completely present in my body afterward and like a new woman. I highly recommend Mark and his work.”

Nicola Williams, Development Coach


“Thank you to Mark for his excellent treatments.  I went to visit Mark with some specific health problems and found his manner to be really approachable and clear, making it easy for me to understand what the imbalances were and how to deal with them.  I felt totally amazing after the bodywork I received,  so much lighter, like I had been reborn.  I have had some big shifts with the healing and continue to do so. I trust his work implicitly and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for a holistic natural healing path.”

Camille-Marie Steele, Harpist


“My session with Mark revealed everything I was going through at the time and I experienced a deeper connection with myself that took me beyond my expectations. I felt a shift in my physical body that made absolute sense for me and was so surprised of the accuracy of the process.

I felt held by Spirit, Mark’s strong and soulful presence, and the healing I received was exactly what I needed. He has a natural gift and ability for holding a safe space and tuning into what needs attention. I found myself journeying before I knew it and felt realigned on many levels.

I am very grateful for Mark’s work and would recommend him without hesitation.”

Nelly Gauch, Health Practitioner and Chocolatier


“A rejuvenating and powerful healing that has allowed me to grow in many beautiful ways as well as inspired me to continue my own shamanic journey with passion, dedication, love and profound understanding. To Mark and his work with Spirit, I am forever grateful.”

Benjamin Paul, Musician