Mark-12Mark has always been interested in how we can fully manifest our dream. Having always had an appreciation for the guidance of the old traditions he works with the wisdom of Ayurveda and North and South American Indigenous culture  to meet the beautiful mystery of Life. 


First visiting India in 2005 Mark began his journey with Ayurveda while recovering from Typhoid fever in Indian hospital. Drawn to this land through a passion for Yoga and ancient Indian culture he was brought back to health through the help of herbs, foods and guidance in everyday life. This has inspired him to help teach others how they can live in health and balance. Mark has taught Yoga since then and teaches one-on-one classes in traditional hatha yoga.



With a long history in the Organic Industry from farm to restaurant the world over he appreciates the power of the old Hippocratian saying ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. He trained Ayurveda in 2011 with Dr. Mauroof Athique of the College of Ayurveda and has also studied with Dr. Deepa Apke of the Ayurveda Pura Academy. He continues to deepen his studies in this vast and majestic medical system and is currently studying Western Herbalism from the perspective of Chinese Medicine.


Mark has a great appreciation of the way of the Indigenous People who live in harmony with the world. He has trained with Chris Luttichau, who spent over two decades living with the Native Americans, for three years and is a Shamanic Practitioner often combining his healing work and understanding through Ayurvedic consultation and bodywork. He also continues his study with the traditions of North and South America from teachers and guides of these lands.


Our bodies express states that come from the emotional, mental and spiritual planes and going to the core of the issue can be what the tell-tale signs are asking us to do. Uncovering these deeper places allows us to live more fully as who we can be. Mark’s thorough approach to healing can also start with the physical underpinning of Ayurveda, assuring that the health and wisdom of the physical body are capable of being expressed. This is achieved in the present moment through treatments, herbs, diet and lifestyle, mindset and dream. These provide an environment in which the body resumes its capacity to allow the changes that are to take place to occur while also offering a long term foundation for the body and mind to heal. As the healing journey deepens and the emotional and mental bodies begin to come into balance with our spirit, we are ready to effect the change we have been calling for. At the same time Mark works from the top down by journeying with the spirit to find balance between the calling of our soul and how we are manifesting that now.


He holds a BA(Hons) in Philosophy and a Diploma in Sustainable Horticulture from Schumacher College, and is a keen gardener, focusing on the development of Forest Gardens and systems of harmony and relationship, as well as herbs and exotic flowers. He is a musician playing folk and devotional music and is fluent in French and Polish. He lives in Somerset in the South West of England.



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